Upcoming concerts

After our first gig since the corona pandemic at the Rocktreff festival in July 2022 further concerts are coming up soon. Stay tuned and join us when we hit the stage again!
Here are the next concert dates:

Rocktreff festival – 1/7/2022

Privatclub Berlin – 25/8/2022

Orwohaus – Aftermath II / Rock & Metal festival 10/9/2022

KellerRockbar – 26/11/2022 (canceled)

Werk9 – 24/2/2023 (canceled)

Werk9 – 28/4/2023

Rebellisches Musikfestival – 26/5/2023


Whistleblower video

L. Reimann

BORN A REBEL has recorded a music video for the single “WHISTLEBLOWER” in August. The location is in Fuchsstadt, Bavaria in the south of Germany. In the background you can see the amazing parabolic antennas with a width of 12 meters. It is the biggest earth station in Europe for satellite communication and was once operated by the NSA.

The editing takes some time. But we will release it approximately in the end of 2022. So stay tuned. Check it out.  

Confirmed: Rocktreff gig 1st of July


BORN A REBEL confirmed an open air gig: Rocktreff, Volkspark Mariendorf in Berlin, Germany, 1st of July 2022, stage time 9 p.m. Rocktreff is the biggest festival with live music in Berlin when it comes to rock and metal. We’ll be part of the line up together with 15 other bands. Come and enjoy the show!



Further shows are coming up. Stay tuned!


BORN A REBEL can’t wait to get back on stage, celebrate life, good music and to see you guys again!


We apologize that all concerts we were supposed to play in 2021 had to be cancelled because of the uncertain situation with the corona pandemic.